Turfpremium - Stallion Tab: Anak Nakal (usa)

Stallion Tab
Padrillo: Anak Nakal (usa)
Stallion Mother Birthday
Victory Gallop (can) Misk (usa)
Maternal Grandfather Breeder Stud
Quiet American (usa) Criado en E. E. U. U.
Fec. Muerte:
List of children who did not run
Horse Name Mother
Son: 0 Machos.

List of daughters who did not run
Horse Name Mother
Son: 0 Yeguas.

List of Horse
Horse Name Mother Pos 1 Pos 2 Pos 3 Pos 4 Pos 5 Classic G1 G2 G3 Han
Ardoroso Nak - 2014 Ardorosa Jet - 2005 1 7
Totals By Position 1 7
Total Percentages By Position 14.3 14.3
List of Son: Anak Nakal (usa)

They Ran: 1 Horse, Winners 0

Racer Wins Female:0 Male: 0

Winners: Grandes Premios: 0 Clásicos: 0 Handicaps: 0
Percentage of Son Winners: 0 %

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